Working at Comsense is a challenging and rewarding experience.

As a software company, our days are spent working away on our computers, chatting and video calling each other on Microsoft Teams, or in meetings in our beautiful office meeting room and online in Microsoft Teams. Our teams span a wide variety of responsibilities including sales, software development, price book database development, software implementation, customer service, and administration.

Our head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and we have staff spread across North America.

Our group of 33 employees have been with us for an average of over 14 years, which is a testament to the positive work environment that we foster. Comsense staff include individuals from many backgrounds including architectural opening distribution, manufacturing, software engineering, IT, and various other fields.

At Comsense, our core values drive our behaviour within and across our teams, as well as with our customers and partners.

Comsense Core Values

  • All in Flow – Teamwork/Big Picture Thinking
  • Untethered Imagination – Innovation/Problem-Solving/Thinking Outside the Box
  • Comsensitive – Compassion/Empathy/Humour
  • Tame Chaos – Grit/Tenacity/Relentless
  • Smart About the Build – Mindful/Thoughtful/Get it
  • Trust the Left Guard – Trust/Reliability

If you’re looking for a change and think Comsense is a good fit, we’d love to hear from you.

Check out our Career Page for current job postings or Send us your resume.