Our consultants wear many hats at Comsense. They are implementers, support representatives, application designers, teachers, and of course, business consultants.


Experience in Your Shoes

Our consulting team enjoys decades of collective experience not only with Comsense, but in the trenches as project managers and leaders at door and hardware businesses across North America. Our consultants are heavily involved in training and support for our customers. As a result they are well equipped to help you solve technical and procedural problems large and small.

As a Comsense customer, you benefit from the extensive knowledge and skills that our consultants bring to each engagement. During your implementation, our consultants meet with you to learn about your business, and flush out the uniqueness that your organization embodies in order to best preserve and enhance your competitive advantage. At the same time, they determine how to balance software configuration with organizational adjustments to help your organization run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

You can arrange for engagements with our consultants after your implementation as well. Many customers schedule these visits in order to get additional training, or to implement a feature or process that they didn’t use initially.


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