Complete update 3-5-2018 Pricebook

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October 26, 2018

Timely Frames Complete Update 4-0
Effective Date March 5, 2018

With the numerous changes to pricing we have made every attempt to keep from changing attributes for any managed product but some changes were unavoidable.
In the event that a managed product no longer validates it will be necessary to build a new managed product.

CBP profile is Obsolete
CS AND SS Stick is Obsolete – You will now just use C or S the same as for frames
Many frame attributes, parts and preps are Obsolete
Anything marked OBSOLETE will be available for projects where they have been used – NOTE: These prices have not been updated.
New projects will not see OBSOLETE items and must use new product codes, parts or preps.
No Elevation Defaults for stick are required except for glazing bead when it is to be provided.