Partial update 6/27/20

!. Profile weld price corrected to $158
2. Special door rabbet price corrected $194
3. FT Anchor pricing corrected
4. Added ema loose anchor at $15
5. Added Dutch Door latches into bottom door prep at $237
6. ULA label was used for two different products. Changed one for Temp. Rise Doors to ULA-TRR will print ULA on PO.
7. Labeled Dutch Door is a type not a prep
8. Setup charge for special angle cuts made call for pricing. Otherwise you would have the setup charged to every frame. Once setup charge is used all pricing for frame will be set to $0.00
9. FP_XB price corrected to $12
10. One inch face material in an elevation will need to use the replace component feature at this time.
11. SHLL OEW Lock Location corrected


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