Partial Update – Feb. 6/20 – Revision to frame kits. SEE RELEASE NOTES.

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On February 5, 2020, we were made aware of a prep pricing issue affecting three-piece frame kits in Advantage and Enterprise. Specifically, when a frame has been configured and has preps assigned, the preps applied to jamb pairs (DS for double frames and PR for single frames) are adding $0.00 rather than the required price.

We are still trying to narrow down the program change that caused this to happen. In the meantime, we have issued RP update 7-22, which will redefine three-piece frames as requiring a hinge jamb (HJ), a strike jamb (SJ), and a header (HD or HDD) rather than a jamb pair (DS or PR) and header. Preps will then be priced across the three components appropriately. This change of frame kit definition has been tested and is stable.

This will result in a Pricing window that shows three separate components per frame rather than two – for example, opening 101 will have a hinge jamb, a strike jamb, and a header, rather than a PR jamb pair and a header.

We encourage you to review the pricing for any pending unsold projects that include Republic frames. If your Pricing window after applying the upcoming “RP” update still shows “DS” and “PR” jamb pairs, please open the Frames window and re-validate the project, then re-open Pricing. This should rebuild your frames kits.

Additionally, the Frame Kit PO window (Advantage>Catalog Maint>Frames>Frame Kit PO tab) should be reviewed to ensure that frame kits for SGL and DBL frames are built up from HJ, SJ, and HD/HDD and not the DS or PR jamb pair codes.

We will be reinstituting “SGLJP” and “DBLJP” as non-takeoff attributes, which will allow users to still build complete frames in Enterprise via bundled jamb pairs and heads from their inventories.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact us via with any questions or concerns.