As mentioned in our recent National Guard update 10-4 notes, there have been major changes to the structure of this price list.

One of the changes was to move the product finish from the base product into a property. This provides much more flexibility in maintaining and working with these products. However, a consequence of this change is that the finish is not currently included in the automatically generated product description. In general it is not desirable to include properties in product descriptions, particularly for wood doors where properties are so prevalent.

For the moment, we recommend users manually modify the product description for any managed product built using the new NG pricelist to include the finish as necessary. This modified product description will then flow with the product through fulfillment and help avoid any confusion related to finish.

We are modifying the system to include properties in the product description for non-door products to remove this manual requirement. Look for this in an update soon.

See National Guard 10-4 Update notes here.