August 16, 2016

Fleming update 5-3

Hinge prep modifications

HNG_OPT prep allows the selection of several options where only one option charge applies to all selected
STD = 4 1/2″ Standard weight hinge – Nothing prints on PO per Instructions from Fleming
HWT = 4 1/2″ Heavy weight hinge – HWT prints on PO
NSHS-4 = Non Std Hinge Size 4″ templated
NSHS-5 = Non Std Hinge Size 5″ templated
NSHQ,4 = Non Std Hinge Qty of 4 Typically on a door under 7’6″
NSHQ,5 = Non Std Hinge Qty of 4 Typically on a door over 7’6″
Other preps will be same as above with HWT as well
Individual preps are available as well

Added common undercuts 1/8″ – 1″ in 1/8″ increments as individual preps
Other dimensions can be selected from a list or entered manually

Added Manufacturer Standard preps for Ceco, Curries and Pioneer

Added P and 2P peephole preps for non standard locations which must be user entered