January 31, 2018

Fleming update 5-26 and 5-27


“Non-Descriptive” base code FM0001 has been removed from all descriptive attributes. Mostly in CORE, EDGE and THICKNESS. These codes were created years ago and basically made the system ignore whatever value it was applied to so anything would validate. With changes over the years these have become a problem and needed removal as they were interfering with valid restrictions  and keeping legitimate product from validating. So the good news is these have been removed from the Fleming Catalog. There is potentially going to be an issue should you keep any Fleming doors in inventory. It may be necessary to build and assign equivalent products.

We apologize for any inconvenience but this change will allow us better use of restrictions to assist the user in building product that validates and prices properly. We expect from recent conversations with Fleming to have cooperation in obtaining codes for all preps so that there is no doubt whatsoever as to which is the correct code. Some changes have already been made and more will be made or created in the near future. Fleming has also been supplied with filterable spreadsheets of all our prep and descriptive codes to assist the order entry department when entering Comsense produced purchase orders.

Here are some of the changes to doors that will require you to run estimates on all projects that have not been completely sourced.

D Series 14 gauge have continuously welded edges and its own edge code because it is included in the door and thus no charge. Use Edge Code VECW
H Series doors are all continuously welded edges. Use code CWE
D Series 16 gauge polystyrene and Steel Stiffened cores have optional continuously welded edges. Use Edge Code CW
All of these doors will show on the printed purchase order as CW as well as the description for that particular edge by series
Tack Welded Edge Options – these contained the FM0001 code and are now base coded to the new MI edge code

Door Core Options Many cores also contained the FM0001 code and are now base coded to the proper core. 

Door Thickness Options – Again the FM0001 code has been removed and all but door thickness 1-25/32″ are base code to 1-3/4″ (4)



Double frames were not validating. This has been corrected


Fleming update 5-27

New Edge Code  MI – Mechanically Interlocked Edge is the base edge built as part of the door. These doors had no edge built into them so you will need to add them where applicable. Applicable series are D, E and TRR