January 24, 2018

Fleming partial update 5-22 through 5-25

F- CW series 14 ga doors have been made obsolete. These will still be available for use on any job where they have been used.
F-D series 14 ga door with continuously welded edges have been added. These should be used for all new work.
The correct edge code to use is VECW (Vertical Edge Continuously Welded) and will print CW on Purchase Orders
Door thickness is 1-25/32″

Door and Frame Strike preps not applying to inactive leaf or strike jamb.
Missing program code has been added to correct this issue.

Code Change
ELSTR – Electric strike, open back or special strike – Prep has been broken down into three individual preps

ELSTR – Electric strike
ELSTR-OBS Open Back Strike
ELSTR-SP Special Strike

Correction for door heights 2150mm (7’0″) pricing as 2282mm (7’6″)