March 20, 2018

Curries update 11-47, 11-48

Included in catalog update 11-49

Added 16 and 14 gauge, CR and RK WMS Stick Material (WM-Stick) PO will print WM
Example elevation and pricing are shown below for frame height over 10’4″ and under 10’4″
Note no labor added as the intent was to show how the elevation was built and the components that were selected


If the overall height of the frame is more than 10’4″ in height, CCW21 must be used to price this frame accurately.


If the¬†height of the frame is 10’4″ or less, CCW119 can be used. If over 10’4″ in height CCW21 must be used or as in the example below, due to the height of the frame the system¬†will pull in 2 each CCW119 inflating the actual cost of components.