April 13, 2019

Ceco partial update 7-19

Correction for 4 sided Shutter Frames not validating
Correction for SSB sill material not validating
Correction for WR Series not validating
Added E602 Door Type
Door and Frame Hinge Prep Modifications

Hinge Modifications to clarify “STD QTY” ¬†and “EXTRA” hinge preps
In order to price and prep doors and frames properly for extra hinges a prep description indicated “EXTRA HINGE” must be selected.

SSB Sill correction – Managed product built and shown below

WR Description change

WR, WRC, SQ SHUTTER Validated and priced as shown below.

SMM hinge mullion components have been rebuilt with door sizes as the original components did not allow for a size to be entered. Original components have been indicated as OBSOLETE