April 17, 2017

Reminder – Have you built new stick inventory using the A60S designation? Pricing for old Galv designations are OBSOLETE and have not been updated. (A60/SC, A60/SM, A60SMC, etc.)

Ceco update 6-48, 6-49, 6-50

Ceco 6-48
Service Center Pricing has been removed in it’s entirety

Ceco 6-49
Release to test Madera astragals

Ceco update 6-50

Due to EDI requirements the following anchors are now “OBSOLETE”
These anchors had a list of jamb depths to select from. Anchors are now individual parts with unique part number for EDI
See Masonry Tee example below. You will be required to build new inventory items and update stock counts from old records to new.

Masonry Tee
Metal Stud (MS)
Metal Stud (MSZ1)
Metal Stud (MSZ2)
Wood Stud (WS)
Sill Strap Anchor DWSA4
Sill Strap Anchor DWSA5
Sill Anchor (SA)

Each Masonry Tee anchor is built using a combination of the Part Number MT and Frame Depth
Other anchors are similar