September 19, 2016

Ceco complete update 6-0

  1. Price book effective 09/12/2016 –¬†Exceptions:¬†Specialty Products are not all priced. These should be priced manually or quoted by the factory.
  2. New galvanized stick has been created with the material description of A60S and G90S and should be used with elevations or managed product. All galvanized stick managed product should be built with the new material descriptions and assigned as an equivalent to your existing managed product. The following galvanized stick adds are OBSOLETE – A60/SC, A60/SM, A60/SMC, G90/J, G90/SH10, G90/SM10, G90/CO10
  3. Many items will be indicated as OBSOLETE – Example: SQT – OBSOLETE-Equal Rabbet Thermal Break – Pricing not updated. Replaced with Mercury Thermal Break
  4. All pre-built elevation codes similar to TF, 2SL4, 2SL12, 2SL4D, 2SL12D are no longer available and cannot be used. These did not price properly after the last major price book update and cannot be used in the upcoming EDI release
  5. Lites and Louvers have been placed into new tables Lites 1, Lites 2, Louvers 1, Louvers 2, etc.
  6. Certain properties that were required are now OBSOLETE. Example – Sketch. This is no longer required but remains available for use until EDI update is applied
  7. New properties will be suffixed with EDI. When required these will print on the purchase order. Purchase orders will function as they always have.
  8. This is a major update with numerous changes both visible and not visible. Should you experience any problems please email support as you normally would and they will be addressed immediately.