May 27, 2015

Ceco partial update 5-38

Door Series Changes – Added the following series at manufacturer’s direction as no door thickness was printed on PO
The series designates the thickness.

MS200 – MS Series 2″ door
MS214 – MS Series 2-1/4″ door
MS212 – MS Series 2-1/2″ door

The series code as indicated above will print in PO Position 2
Door thickness for “ALL” door series will now print in PO Position 19 special instructions
Restriction on thickness for MS series door has been replaced with MS200, MS214, MS212, Etc.
Sourced product will not be effected. Product not sourced will require new values be entered

Door thickness table. 2_1/2 – 2_1/2″ Thickness STX Series ONLY restricted to STX55 only.
Added 1 3/8″ thickness for LP Series doors

Some OBSOLETE Preps were still flagged as a required prep. Flag has been removed.