January 2, 2017

Baron update 9-0 complete pricing update effective March 1, 2016

Significant changes
SW- E-ENG- D-ENG Series Doors made OBSOLETE- Only available for existing Projects.
MM-MDW-Metric Masonry & Drywall Profiles made OBSOLETE- only available for existing projects.
DE-ENG Series Frames made OBSOLETE- only available for existing projects
New SS12 Sill Section 10 1/8” to 12”
New Filler Plate Sections FPCF90/FPCF45/FPSC
New PR1- 1” Face Sill
New CST Open Section Hinge 7’2”
Due to the elimination of ENG for both doors and frames it will be necessary to build equivalent products for inventory.
Items containing OBSOLETE in the full description are to be used for existing work and should not be used for new work.