We have modified the structure of the Anemostat price book.
The new structure allows us to deliver updates much more quickly. A consequence of this change though, is that users who stock Anemostat products will need to rebuild new Managed Product items for stocking product using the new structure.

The image below provides an example of a product configuration using the new structure. Note that Finish is now a property and not an integral attribute of the base item.

Anemostat New Inventory Build #1

Once the items is built, the selected property value will not be included in the description automatically as noted below.  You must manually update the Imperial and Metric description to include any appropriate property values. In the example below the property value Gray Primer was added to the description following the property name Stock Finish.

Anemostat New Inventory Build #2

For more information about handling discontinued managed products, please see our Help Center article Managing Discontinued Product.