Release 1.09.0929
Enhancements in version 1.09.0929


  1. Hardware default options now checks for recent inactive option status.
  2. Catalog update reminder is now automated with user definable number of days between reminder.
  3. Added column to filter Hardware Catalogs by inactive date.
  4. ‘Completed’ status projects are now, by default, removed from Project search. All projects may be shown by checking ‘Completed’ flag in search window.
  5. Frame takeoff elevation entry will now automatically present window of Library elevations.
  6. Project Bid and Estimating Management Windows export now includes Section Name, Division Name and Bid Status Name.
  7. Complete window – heading assignment checking for consistency according to the heading building criteria – do not consider different case differences (10a = 10A)
  8. Hardware worksheet - when searching for trim, default to mfgno column in the filter and corrected glitch that closed the window when letter ‘P’ was typed
  9. Hardware copy – listen to finish and option defaults even when copying from the current project – enabling for split finish building of the same products if defaults are being changed
  10. Password change and creation – do not allow users to set passwords that are not compatible with enterprise
  11. Project setup – added right click menu for cut and paste functionality to be used mainly for notes field.
  12. Advantage reports which are based on Templates, can now be division specific.
  13. Change Order report – Option to print for previously sold change orders, option to suppress detailed product pricing and taxes are now printing.
  14. Added filter button to right of property value.
  15. Security Manager – user maintenance window – allow user to enter a password longer than 10 characters
  16. Project Master window, Change Order Tab – Only users with authorization for the system function ‘Adjustment Maintenance’ will be allowed to enter/change the ‘Approval Number’.
  17. Sold change order Contract amounts may now be modified provided no billing has been done for the applicable section. This feature is restricted to users with authorization for the system function ‘Adjustment Maintenance’
  1. Sales Order:
    1. Line item sell price calculations are now built-up from component products.
    2. 'Maintain Openings’ window now provides for an opening quantity. This feature also allows users to turn on/off this feature for part of all of the sales order (This provides a means to maintain openings for selected line items)
    3. Sales Order line item has a two new columns to show where the line item product has an ‘Equivalent’ managed product assigned and where the line item product has ‘Alternate’ products assigned.
    4. Sales Order now has a global ‘Use Tax’ application function.
    5. Sales Order sell amounts are now, by default, locked (see new check box) when the record is saved. To recalculate the sell price, uncheck the locked box.
    6. Ship-to record:
      1. In Sales Order, when creating a new, it will present a blank form (it no longer attempts to copy info from another ship-to record)
      2. A Ship-to cannot be saved without at least one tax code.
      3. The ‘Contact’ field now has a find button (and behaves much better when adding a new contact)
  2. Invoices Management and Receivables report now reflects ‘Bill-to’ as the primary customer.
  3. Picking/Packing Slip now shows a separate schedule of Loose parts that are bundled in the line item description.
  4. Work Order Management:
    1. Qty of Openings now reflects true count (Previous qty was being multiplied by number of labor operations)
    2. Elevations now show standard times.
    3. Printed work order now shows property values stacked (instead of a string of values)
  5. Receiving Report is now available for miscellaneous PO’s.
  6. Retention modifications:
    1. Retention can be identified as ‘taxable or non-taxable’ at the point when the retention is recognized.
    2. Where retention is identified as ‘non-taxable’, the tax associated with the retention is invoiced at the point when retention payment is due.
    3. Retention may be modified at time of invoicing or at time of customer payment.
    4. Help document
  7. Invoice ‘Bill-to’ may now be modified before the invoice is saved as ‘Completed’
  8. FSC notes entered in the Order Scheduling window will print (as an option) on the invoice and packing slip.
  9. Moving product lines in the quote would result in an error, this has been corrected.
  10. Additional security has been added as follows:
    1. Purchase Order:
      1. Save a Released Purchase Order - This provides the opportunity for a user to make changes to a purchase order which is in the ‘Open’ status while securing those in a ‘Released’ status.
    2. Stock Requisition:
      1. Save a Released Stock Requisition
      2. Complete a Stock Requisition
    3. Shipment:
      1. Save a Release Shipment
      2. Save a Shipped Shipment
      3. Modify Line Item Quantity on a Released Shipment
      4. Modify Line Item Quantity on a Shipped Shipment
      5. Complete a Shipment.
    4. Work Order:
      1. Save a Released Work Order
      2. Complete a Work Order
  11. Work Order – Corrected for issue where a partially completed work order would not allow a ‘Save’ where unrelated material was not requisitioned or received.
  12. WIP Count and WIP Valuation report now have options to page break by order number. WIP Valuation also includes a cost recap by product category.
  13. Product Count window:
    1. When setting to ‘Released’, the count quantities now auto-populate to current shelf quantity. This prevents the inadvertent completion of a stock count where no count values were entered.
    2. Print option now has an option to print count variance.
  14. Sales Journal has been changed to properly reflect WIP transfer costs and Supplier Return adjustments.
  15. New reports:
    1. Supplier Return in Transit
    2. Stock Transfers in Transit
    3. Prepaid Payables (Purchase Order deposits)

Posted 02-07-2011 12:32 PM by Patrick Teas
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